Global and Keynote Speaker 

Charlene has been featured on several 

radio/television shows, and newscasts.  She has a documentary series about her and her theory of Digital Supervision.  

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Charlene's Bio

Media Coverage

Charlene welcomes all opportunities to present to corporations, families, parents, grandparents, adult allies, organizations and the like.  Our children need our protection.

  • Featured in Toronto Sun - Jane Stevenson reporter November 28 2020
  • Covered in Washington Post - Danielle Braff reporter November 24 2020
  • Published article with Erika Simpson in several media outlets - Article
  • Interview on international television, featured in newscast.  Interview
  • Interview with Chad Warner (South Carolina) Founder of Defending Digital and an Amazon Affiliate.  Chad endorses the reading of Charlene's second book "The Internet:  Are Children In Charge?" for parents and adult allies.  Interview
  • Featured on international television through the Miracle Network News in Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, and more:  International
  • Featured guest on the Women 2 Watch show 1210 WPHT CBS Philadelphia:  Women 2 Watch
  • Charlene has reached the level of top ten most listened shows for 2018 on the Holly Dowling show out of Scottsdale Arizona.  Holly Dowling
  • Featured - Huffington Post
  • Featured on a CTV News story:  CTV Kitchener, Ontario
  • A second CTV News story:  CTV Kitchener, Ontario 
  • Featured on Kevin Bulmer, the No Schedule Man, Podcast:  Bulmer
  • Rogers TV featured episode:  Rogers TV
  • Crime Stoppers documentary taped following her Keynote Address at their conference:  Crime Stoppers
  • Presenting in Europe (The Hague. Plenary Session 3P):    Charlene in Europe
  • Three-part TV Documentary Series about Digital Supervision:  Documentary