Global and Keynote Speaker 

Audiences in all countries visited have expressed a desire to have Charlene return to their country. She continually hears Internet child exploitation is a huge problem in "their country".  She explains to all audiences this is a global issue that is here to stay, unless we all take action and practice her Theory of Digital Supervision for child/family protection.

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Charlene's Bio

Charlene Doak-Gebauer

Charlene Doak-Gebauer has researched, written a progressive theory, is considered an expert in her subject, travels globally to share her expertise, and leads audiences toward digital child and family protection. 

She has been keynote speaker for several conferences including Crime Stoppers, schools, teacher conferences, corporate conferences, international conferences and others; been featured on radio and television shows, presented in Canada (including Parliament Hill), the United States, Iceland, Europe, and India. 


She has written a book "Digital Sexual Victims:  True Cases" which was nominated for an international award by the Delta Gamma Kappa society of educators.  Her Theory of Digital Supervision is outlined in the book, which has been described as a "really easy read".  Her second book, "The Internet:  Are children in charge?", will be available in 40,000 distribution channels worldwide, beginning November 2019.  Her second book is even more comprehensive regarding Digital Supervision.  She is also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and has included a chapter about methods to overcome trauma holistically.  There are also chapters with interviews with a child pornography victim; the child pornography victim's wife; Psychotherapist who has treated child pornography victims; Police Officer who has been involved with child pornography cases, a Life Coach who was a victim of molestation within her family, and a Criminal Lawyer who has defended child predators.  The book is informative with real-life situations that are compelling.


The Bishop Townshend Award of Teaching Excellence;  

The International Women of Excellence Award, 2018.  

B.E. A S.H.E.R.O. Award - Las Vegas - 2022 - for contributions to fighting sex trafficking.

In addition to attending four universities (University of New Brunswick, University of Western Ontario, University of Toronto and University of California Santa Barbara), she has attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  She speaks about nutrition as a holistic approach to overcoming trauma.  Charlene experienced severe trauma after viewing child pornography on a computer she was re-imaging.   She knows from experience that her holistic approach can be effective.

Charlene has been accepted to different speaking circuits.  If you are interested in having her present, please call 01-519-854-1249 or email:  [email protected]