Too many people, globally, have difficulty believing there is a problem.  Review the statistics....

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Review following statistics:

20,000 children are victimized daily through sexual exploitation -  this equals 7,300,000 annually;

116,000 daily searches for child pornography websites;

24.5 million adult porn websites;

Annually: 13,000 adult videos produced; Hollywood 507 movies;

Annual profit - Adult porn $13 billion; Hollywood $8.8 billion;

Over 20% of adults and 80% of children are exposed to porn unintentionally.

Thorn, in the United States, studied pictures in 2004 (450,000 files) and compared it to data accumulated in 2015 (25 million files) and determined:

The crime of Internet child sexual exploitation has increased 

by 5,000% and higher.

63% of victimized kids Thorn encountered had been advertised online. 

Child Pornography is used for advertising child sex trafficking victims.

 As many as one in six runaways reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (United States) likely became victims of sex trafficking.

" Research results from security technology companies suggests that children under the age of 10 now account for 1 in 10 visitors to porn video sites.

 Internet pornography has become sex education for many children

 More and younger children are accessing internet pornography. The average age of first exposure is 11 (Randel and Sanchez, "Huffington Post" - 2016).

 However, "children under 10 now account for 22% of online porn consumption under 18" (British Journal of School Nursing.)

 Only 12% of parents know their teens are accessing pornography. TruResearch (2012) Covenent Eyes 2015 Pornography Statistics.

 Almost half (46%) of teenagers say “sending sexual or naked photos or videos is part of everyday life for teenagers nowadays.”

Chiara Sabina, Janis Wolak, and David Finkelhor, “The nature and dynamics of Internet pornography exposure for youth,” CyberPsychology and Behavior 11 (2008): 691-693."


Parents, Grandparents, Caregivers, and professional allies who believe children are immune to being victimized need to get their heads out of the clouds.  Blocking through a browser is ineffective.  Digital Supervision should be accompanied by a filter.  Digital Supervision and filters are to be viewed as "inter dependent".  Filters will block different sites but Digital Supervision must be used to cover areas the filter will not cover; example, chats, gaming chats, self exploitive activities, and the like.  Further, if children are engaged in Internet activities outside the home, Digital Supervision must be applied within parenting to ensure children make the right choices from every location.  

Charlene has managed a professional proxy server, a device used for filtering/blocking on a school network, and experienced first hand the Internet vulnerabilities for all users, particularly children. 

Numerous activities on the Internet cannot be picked up by filters or blocking.  For example, a child chatting online in an online game, may be coerced into sending a nude to a predator.  They can be then be victim of sextortion, be charged with  1. producing and distributing child pornography; and 2. with possession of child pornography, (even though the picture is of their own body).  Parents rarely know it is happening, which can lead to a number of issues for the child - depression, further victimization, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, suicide.  

Theory of Digital Supervision?  

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